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  • Final Report CoKitchen

    Published May 05, 2023

    CoKitchen is a research project that investigated shared housing for students and has now completed its final report. The results can contribute to sustainable forms of housing and guide the design me...

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  • Debate: "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough"

    Published Apr 29, 2023

    An opinion piece published in Fastighetstidningen entitled "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough" makes the case for indoor air quality.

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  • COVID-19 guidance for the Swedish construction and real estate sectors – results from a survey study

    Published Apr 29, 2023

    New survey provides guidance for the construction and real estate sector. Results from the study show an imbalance of guidance during the pandemic.

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  • HYSTORE on Thermal Energy Storage Design and Optimization with Heat Pumps at Real Building-Scale

    Published Apr 24, 2023

    Researchers from Civil and Architectural Engineering (BYV, ABE school), Energy Technology (EGI, ITM school) and KTH Live-in-Lab (LIL, ITM school) join forces in a new Horizon project HYSTORE, for find...

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  • Giant battery maxes out solar energy

    Linda Lundmark
    Linda Lundmark, industrial doctoral student from the battery manufacturer Northvolt, tests a battery system for green electricity to student housing on KTH's Campus. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Apr 19, 2023

    Being able to store energy from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, is crucial for the green transition. But how is it done in practice? In a pilot project for housing on KTH's campus, a system...

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  • Application to live at KTH Live-In Lab

    Residents wanted
    Published Apr 06, 2023

    Would you like to be part of making future smart and sustainable buildings possible? Are you interested in experiencing shared living at a smart house? We are looking for four new residents, for the p...

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  • Sustainable energy consumption via boosting or nudging - what works best?

    QR codes for tips.
    Boost interventions were communicated using QR codes posted next to the microwave, shower, and refrigerator.
    Published Mar 20, 2023

    "We are not as rational as we think but need help to make wise decisions in everyday life. That's why we need nudges, interventions that guide our decisions in a certain direction", says the nudge adv...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab nominated to Stora Inneklimatpriset 2023

    Published Feb 13, 2023

    KTH Live-In Lab is recognised for its efforts to promote indoor climate technology and energy-efficient solutions in the built environment.

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  • Boverkesdagarna 2022 – how we build the society of the future

    Graphics: Boverket.
    Published Dec 06, 2022

    The Director of KTH Live-In Lab, Jonas Anund Vogel, participated in a panel discussion at Boverksdagarna 2022, 17–18 November. The conversation focused on how new building regulations and roles can pr...

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  • Open Days at KTH Live-In Lab

    Interior testbed
    The basement of testbed KTH.
    Published Oct 24, 2022

    Anyone who is curious about KTH Live-In Lab is welcome on our open days, one Tuesday a month. It will be an opportunity to meet and discuss new projects and learn more about the infrastructure.

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  • Six tons of batteries in experimental student residence

    Truck with batteries
    Unloading the batteries outside KTH Live-In Lab. Photo: Einar Mattsson
    Published Oct 12, 2022

    A large group of batteries has been installed for a research project in KTH Live-In Lab, an experimental student residence where KTH, Northvolt and Einar Mattsson conduct research together. They’re te...

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  • Co-living for students creates social belonging

    Co-living for students In KTH Live-In Lab. Photo from Grean Leap.
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    Researchers Sara Ilstedt and Martin Sjöman, both from KTH, are authors of a paper about Co-Kitchen, presented at the Design Research Society conference this summer.

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  • New study from KTH Live-In Lab in the journal Energy Proceedings

    study cover
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    A new study describes KTH Live-In Lab's vision and technical functions, and how the testbeds can contribute to speed up the pace of innovation in the construction sector.

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  • Annual report 2021

    Published Jun 29, 2022

    2021 was a year of collaboration and progess for KTH Live In Lab, including new projects, many outreach activities and a new centre partner. Read more in our annual report.

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  • Survey: Living Lab Engagement

    Photo: Unsplash
    Published Jun 17, 2022

    A survey is currently being conducted in order to explore the engagement model for Living Labs in the EU. The survey is being conducted by Elena Malakhatka, PHD candidate at KTH Live-In Lab, together ...

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  • Energy efficiency expert visits KTH Live-In Lab

    Jonas Anund Vogel and Amory Lovins in KTH Live-In Lab.
    Photo: Johannes Mosskin. Jonas Anund Vogel and Amory Lovins discussed buildings and energy efficiency in KTH Live-In Lab.
    Published Jun 15, 2022

    Last week, KTH Live-In Lab was visited by physicist and energy efficiency expert Amory Lovins. During the visit, Amory Lovins and Jonas Anund Vogel, director of KTH Live-In Lab, discussed buildings an...

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  • Collaboration in focus when Jonas Anund Vogel visited Sweden House in Washington D.C

    Jonas Anund Vogel
    Photo: David Callahan. Jonas Anund Vogel held a presentation about KTH Live-In Lab in Washington D.C.
    Published May 25, 2022

    Jonas Anund Vogel, director KTH Live-In Lab, recently participated in the event “The Swedish Model – a story of successful partnerships” and discussed collaboration between industry and academy.

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  • New report: Service design for pro-environmental behaviour and resource efficiency at KTH Live-In La

    A model showcasing the two parallel approaches of the project's service design process.
    The two parallel approaches of the project's service design process.
    Published Apr 26, 2022

    A recently published report discusses service design for pro-environmental behaviour and resource efficiency in smart homes. The report is based on a study where one of KTH Live-In Lab’s testbeds was ...

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  • Meet Agnieszka, KTH Live-In Lab’s new co-director

    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
    Published Feb 18, 2022

    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson is a researcher in Building and Real Estate Economics and has a special interest in sustainability and property management. She is now excited to join the innovative environ...

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  • Bengt Dahlgren is KTH Live-In Lab’s new centre partner

    Bengt Dahlgren's logotype.
    Photo: Bengt Dahlgren.
    Published Jan 19, 2022

    The technology consulting company Bengt Dahlgren wants to contribute to a more sustainable and innovative construction sector and is now joining KTH Live-In Lab as a centre partner. The engagement wil...

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