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  • KTH Live-In Lab Annual report 2020 out now

    Computer-generated picture of a building.
    KTH Live-in Lab annual report
    Published May 05, 2021

    As our managing director Jonas Anund Vogel wrote in the report "2020 has once again been a very exciting year for KTH Live-In Lab as a research center...

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  • Co-living: “The best of two worlds”

    The four of five students staying at the co-living in KTH Live-in Lab.
    Matteo Demartis, Adrien Vautrin, Yang Song, Boyu Xue. Not present: Flavia Garcia Vazquez, currently at home in Spain, joined us via Zoom.
    Published Apr 30, 2021

    As the current version of the KTH Testbed is soon coming to an end, we met with the five students living there. How were their experiences, and what c...

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  • Science event on housing of the future was a success

    HSB Living Lab, byggnaden ligger vid Chalmers i Göteborg.
    HSB Living Lab. Photo: HSB.
    Published Apr 29, 2021

    The 24-hour digital event HSB Living Lab 24H consisted of 60 program activities that showcased an impressive breadth of exciting research projects.

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  • KTH doctoral student presenting new paper at BEHAVE

    BEHAVE conference logotype.
    Published Apr 20, 2021

    Elena Malakhatka, currently doing research at KTH Live-in Lab, will be presenting her new paper at the conference that focuses on the application of b...

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  • Results from project on allergen-free indoor environments

    There are 800,000 dogs and 1.15 million cats in Sweden, distributed between 570,000 and 745,000 households respectively. Photo: Göran Segeholm
    Published Apr 15, 2021

    The project ”Allergen-free Indoor Environments through Innovative Ventilation Strategies” was initiated by Karolinska Institutet and intended to test ...

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  • Live-in Lab board member is the new vice president for sustainable development at KTH

    Per Lundqvist, new vice rector for sustainable development at KTH.
    Per Lundqvist, new vice rector for sustainable development at KTH.
    Published Apr 08, 2021

    Per Lundqvist, professor in Energy Technology, has been entrusted with the role of new vice president for sustainable development – and he sees great ...

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  • Occupant pro-environmental choice and behaviour scientific paper

    Published Feb 16, 2021

    The project investigated the factors that affect residents' environmental decisions and behaviors, including whether the building's properties play a ...

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  • Final report on the project Improved borehole technology

    Meters example
    Published Feb 16, 2021

    Boreholes with fiber optic measuring equipment makes it possible to evaluate thermal performance for boreholes of different lengths within the same bo...

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  • New scientific paper published

    Theoretical boundaries of the study
    Theoretical boundaries of the study, which highlight the overlap of two co-existed schools of co-creation: co-creation as an innovation approach and co-creation as a design practice. In our study we consider both schools’ theories working together in the context of the Living Lab as an environment.
    Published Feb 16, 2021

    "Co-Creating Service Concepts for the Built Environment Based on the End-User’s Daily Activities Analysis: KTH Live-in-Lab Explorative Case Study" by ...

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  • Ventilation team for buildings post corona

    KTH Live-In lab basement
    KTH Live-In Lab wants to find partners interested in how to ensure risk free indoor space during a challenge such as the corona virus.
    Published Feb 04, 2021

    Will ventilation systems in future buildings be designed in a different way to minimize spread of bacteria and virus? This question is raised by KTH L...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab is now a member of the Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

    Published Jan 27, 2021

    We are now a test bed under ERA-Net: The joint programming platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (JPP ERA-Net SES) This means more opportunities for i...

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  • Climate footprint can be cut by half with co-living

    Interiör KTh Live-in Labs studentbostäder.
    Shared areas such as kitchen and dining rooms can reduce climate footprint and facilitate social gatherings. Photo of Testbed Akademiska Hus by Alexandra von Kern
    Published Nov 18, 2020

    The climate footprint per person can be reduced by more than 50 percent if the homes are designed to share common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab represented at Digital Open House Stockholm

    Open House presentation
    Published Nov 16, 2020

    This weekend, the general public was invited to visit Stockholm's most exciting projects and buildings in a 2-day digital conference.

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  • KTH Live-In Lab presents at Digitalize in Stockholm 2020

    Digitalize in Stockholm presentation
    Published Nov 16, 2020

    Digitalize in Stockholm is an annual conference that had its start in November 2019. The conference brings together global thought leaders and rising ...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab supports Jamtli Living University

    Pre-study for planning and construction of an urban ecovillage in Östersund
    Pre-study for planning and construction of an urban ecovillage in Östersund
    Published Nov 02, 2020

    Living Labs and testbeds have the potential to accelerate the transition to sustainable communities. KTH Live-In Lab is an example of a Living Lab tha...

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  • Co-Kitchen workshop

    Published Oct 30, 2020

    Last month 2 workshops were held within the project Co-Kitchen framework. The first workshop was held with students from the Testbed EM and the secon...

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  • New article in Förvaltarforum : Experimental housing contributes with sustainable and smart technolo

    Testbed KTH layout
    Published Oct 27, 2020

    What are the possibilities to save energy and money through variable ventilation and controls? This is one of many questions that researchers at KTH L...

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  • Real-time user feedback web-app: monitoring campaign in student apartments

    Building in Uppsala
    Published Oct 27, 2020

    The web-app was developed by the researchers Davide Rolando ad Marco Molinari as a framework within the project Cost- and Energy-Efficient Control Sys...

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  • Swedish Energy Agency Annual Conference: Design for energy-efficient everyday life

    Annual conference - November 12, 9-12
    Published Oct 19, 2020

    November 12 is the time for the Swedish Energy Agency's research and innovation program "Design for energy-efficient everyday life" digital annual con...

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  • Co-Living Comes to Testbed KTH

    Images of the new layout at Testbed KTH
    Testbed KTH 2.0, now co-living spaces
    Published Sep 17, 2020

    The four one-bedroom apartments at Testbed KTH have been rebuilt during the summer of 2020 into co-living units with shared kitchen and living room, a...

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