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Stefan Ränk awarded KTH's Award for Industrial Collaboration

Stefan Ränk accepts KTH's award for industrial collaboration 2023.
Stefan Ränk accepts KTH's award for industrial collaboration 2023. Photo: Studio Slakthuset
Published Apr 16, 2024

On Friday the 12th of April, Stefan Ränk, the CEO of Einar Mattsson, received KTH's Award for Industrial Collaboration. This took place in grand fashion during KTH's inauguration of new professors at Grand Hôtel. In addition to the medal, Stefan Ränk gets to direct half a million SEK of KTH's funds to a research project.

"I have chosen to direct the contribution of half a million SEK to research on how we, with AI, can improve the planning of maintenance in existing buildings so that renovations or changes of materials is done at the right time, to the right extent at the right cost. It is a resource optimisation that can contribute to increased sustainability in the property industry," says Stefan Ränk.

Excerpts from KTH's motivation for the choice of Stefan Ränk as prize winner

”With the purpose of developing and challenging the construction sector together with academia, Stefan initiated a historic initiative through Einar Mattsson AB to enable KTH Live-In Lab. Since its formation in 2017, over 60 research projects have been conducted with a total budget of around half a billion SEK. The majority of projects have focused on the connection between technology and people with the aim of enabling the sustainable buildings of the future. Stefan has also contributed to the creation of a new competence center, Dig-IT Lab, where 14 companies and 13 universities from 9 countries collaborate on digitization in the construction sector."

"Stefan's desire to develop the sector, not alone but together with other parties, is admirable and the key to success. He highlights colleagues and collaboration partners but does not hesitate to take the stage himself, engaging in debates and expressing his opinions. Opinions characterized by craftsmanship, integrity, innovation, and the desire for collaboration. Stefan Ränks's great commitment to urban development has contributed to the creation of new groundbreaking infrastructures and research projects, where technology and humans interact. Stefan's incredible overview regarding everything from technology and economics to politics and ethics makes him a worthy candidate for the award for industrial collaboration."

About KTH's Award for Industrial Collaboration

KTH's award for industrial collaboration was established in 2007 and recognizes and rewards good efforts to promote a deep and close collaboration between industry and academia. The prize is awarded once a year and for 2023 the award goes to the CEO of Einar Mattson, Stefan Ränk. He is the first from the construction and property industries to receive the award. Among the previous prize winners are Henrik Henriksson, Martin Lundstedt, Sara Mazur and Carl Bennet.

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