• Jonas Anund Vogel is the Project Manager of the Year

    Published Nov 23, 2018
    Svenska ProjektAkademien (Swedish Project Academy) has recently appointed the Director of KTH Live-In Lab, Jonas Anund Vogel, to the Project Manager of the Year 2018!

  • KTH Live-In Lab amongst the ten top candidates for Bopriset!

    Published Nov 22, 2018
    We are proud to have been nominated as one of the top ten candidates for Bopriset - in memory of Josef Frank.

  • Ongoing research project on environmentally friendly choices and behavior of residents

    Published Nov 14, 2018
    A research project is currently underway at KTH Live-In Lab, by Agnieszka Zajelska Jonsson, researcher at KTH in building and real estate economics. The project entitled Customer and housing environment-friendly choices and behavior in the housing market concerns, inter alia, the question of whether the behavior of residents in so-called environmentally friendly buildings changes when the conditions are right to be able to live energy efficiently - and if so, how?

  • New project about the recovery of waste water and gray water granted by FORMAS

    Published Nov 06, 2018
    A new research project has been granted by FORMAS regarding systemic effects of real estate recycling of heat and water.

  • KTH Live-In Lab is nominated to Bopriset 2018

    Published Nov 05, 2018
    It is with great honor and gratitude that we received the message that KTH Live-In Lab has been nominated for Bopriset reward - in memory of Josef Frank.

  • New Public Relations Officer at KTH Live-In Lab

    Published Oct 28, 2018
    Hi! It is time that I introduce myself as the new Public Relations Officer for KTH Live-In Lab.

  • The students welcomed H.M. Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden to their homes

    Published Oct 26, 2018
    Here is the video from when KTH Live-In Lab received an extraordinary visit to the King of Sweden on Wednesday, October 10th. It turned out that he was very curious and inquiring when the students showed him around in their apartments.

  • Royal visit at KTH Live-In Lab

    Published Oct 11, 2018
    The students who reside in Live-In Lab have since they moved in gotten to receive a couple of curious visitors, and this Wednesday 10/10 they got the opportunity to welcome His Majesty of Sweden for a visit!

  • Affärstidningarna lyfter fram KTH Live-In Lab

    Published Oct 10, 2018
    Läs om KTH Live-In Lab i affärstidningen Byggvärlden och magasinet Bygga Stockholm som publicerats i samband med invigningen.

  • KTH Live-In Lab i Vetenskapsradion

    Published Oct 03, 2018
    P1 Vetenskapsradion besökte invigningen av KTH Live-In Labs innovationslägenheter. Lyssna på Föreståndare Jonas Anund Vogel och boende Axel Solhall

  • Living in Live-In Lab - Axel Solhall

    Published Oct 03, 2018
    I am a 23-year-old Swedish student and I have lived my entire life in or close to Stockholm.

  • KTH Live-In Labs Testbed KTH Invigs

    Published Sep 27, 2018
    Igår invigdes KTH Live-In Lab. En plattform med flera testbäddar där man testar, verifierar, validera och optimera ny teknik och nya metoder för byggsektorn. Efter invigningstal av KTH Live- In Labs föreståndare Jonas Anund Vogel, rektor Sigbritt Karlsson och IVA:s vd Tuula Teeri fick deltagarna gå runt och titta i KTH-testbäddens lägenheter där studenter nyss har flyttat in och nere i källaren där ny teknik för värme, el och vatten finns installerad.

  • Anders Byggare donerar medel till forskning

  • Living in Live-In Lab - Nicole Heinemann

    Published Sep 24, 2018
    Hej! My name is Nicole Heinemann and I am a 25 year old student at KTH. I am very excited to have the opportunity this year, to live in the KTH Live-in Lab together with three other students interested in research.

  • MITs Director of Sustainability visits KTH Live-In Lab

    Published Sep 20, 2018
    MITs Director of Sustainability, Julie Newman, stays in one of the Innovation units in KTH Live-In Lab during the International Sustainable Campus Network Conference, hosted by KTH.

  • KTH Live-In Lab i Förvaltarforum

    Published Sep 18, 2018
    Nu är KTH Live-In Lab i Stockholm startklart. 15 projekt pågår redan, men här finns plats för fler som vill testa nya lösningar.

  • Labtrino - initial trials of the smart water meter system at Live-In Lab

  • Företaget Vinden utvecklar förvaringsstrategier

    Published Aug 29, 2018
    Vinden är ett förvaringsbolag som strävar efter att effektivisera och förenkla hur vi förvarar våra saker. En knapptryckning bort så lagras alla prylar man vill bli av med på ett smidigt, enkelt och billigt sätt i externa förvaringslokaler.

  • Opening dinner for ISCN at KTH Live-in Lab

    Published Jun 13, 2018
    International Sustainable Campus Network opening dinner at KTH Live-In Lab. The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) is a non-profit association of globally leading colleges and universities representing over 30 countries and working together to holistically integrate sustainability into campus operations, research and teaching.

  • Life at the Live-In Lab: My expectations as one of the first-ever residents

    Published May 31, 2018
    Hej everyone! My name is Natalia and I will be one of the four people living at KTH’s Live-In Lab. Having lived in over 12 accommodations, in three continents throughout my life, I have gotten some experience in how small details make a living space better than another.

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