• Philosophy students from Twente University discuss KTH Live-In lab

    Published Mar 17, 2017
    During the W.T.S. Ideefiks study trip to Stockholm, the group of philosophy students from the University of Twente visited the KTH multiple times, each visit having a different theme. The visit which included the Live-in Lab session had the theme ‘Architecture’. In the text below you can read their account of the visit.

  • Akademiska Hus invests in development and in promotes innovation

    Published Dec 12, 2016
    Akademiska Hus is one of the countries largest real-estate companies. Our mission is to, together with universities in Sweden, strengthen Sweden’s status as a knowledge nation. We do this through construction, development and maintenance of environments for education, research and innovation. Our buildings are dispersed over the entire country – from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the South. Around 300 000 people study, conduct research and otherwise work in our buildings every day.

  • Arkitektkopia joins the KTH Live-In Lab collaboration

    Published Dec 01, 2016
    Arkitektkopia joins the KTH Live-In Lab collaboration and provides licenses to their project toolkit Byggnet for the projecting of the testbed.

  • KTH Live-In Lab is Live - Recorded presentations

    Published Oct 06, 2016
    On the 6th of October a group of the KTH Live-In Lab collaborators were invited to share their perspectives on the current development of the testbed. The afternoon showcased the initial design and constellation of the the test infrastructure, the current and coming test and research projects as well as the current trends within the construction and housing sectors regarding innovation and development. The presenters included the director of KTH Live-In Lab, the owner of the construction project, two government agencies that have rendered their support, education representatives, researchers and companies. All contribute to fill the testbed with possibilities and concrete projects that have the potential to accelerate change in the construction and real-estate sectors

  • KTH Live-In Lab meets high school students at "Forskarfredagen"

    Published Oct 06, 2016
    The last friday of September was named the Researchers' Night by the EU-commission. All around Europe, tens of thousands of activities where the general public meet researchers and get to see how research can be exciting as well as relevant for many of our daily contexts. KTH Live-In Lab's Jonas Anund Vogel contributed to this end by presenting the testbed to high school students at Debaser. Few topics can be as near our daily life as our homes. To create opportunities for collaboration around the defining of the future sustainable homes is a vision that inspires all, regardless of age.

  • Technology Consultancy Bengt Dahlgren engages themselves in KTH LIVE-IN LAB

    Published Oct 06, 2016
    Technology consultancy Bengt Dahlgren joins the VINNOVA-backed research project ”Testbäddar inom miljöteknikområdet” where the collaboration-model and structures for the test and research infrastructure is being developed. Bengt Dahlgren works with projecting the three buildings that will incorporate KTH Live-In Lab.

  • Final presentation in MJ2146-Business model suggestions

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