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  • Students
    Co-living for students In KTH Live-In Lab. Photo from Grean Leap.
    Co-living for students creates social belonging
    16 Sep 2022
    Researchers Sara Ilstedt and Martin Sjöman, both from KTH, are authors of a paper about Co-Kitchen, presented at the Design Research Society conference this summer.
  • study cover
    New study from KTH Live-In Lab in the journal Energy Proceedings
    16 Sep 2022
    A new study describes KTH Live-In Lab's vision and technical functions, and how the testbeds can contribute to speed up the pace of innovation in the construction sector.
  • Cover
    Annual report 2021
    29 Jun 2022
    2021 was a year of collaboration and progess for KTH Live In Lab, including new projects, many outreach activities and a new centre partner. Read more in our annual report.
  • Photo: Unsplash
    Survey: Living Lab Engagement
    17 Jun 2022
    A survey is currently being conducted in order to explore the engagement model for Living Labs in the EU. The survey is being conducted by Elena Malakhatka, PHD candidate at KTH Live-In Lab, together ...
  • Jonas Anund Vogel and Amory Lovins in KTH Live-In Lab.
    Photo: Johannes Mosskin. Jonas Anund Vogel and Amory Lovins discussed buildings and energy efficiency in KTH Live-In Lab.
    Energy efficiency expert visits KTH Live-In Lab
    15 Jun 2022
    Last week, KTH Live-In Lab was visited by physicist and energy efficiency expert Amory Lovins. During the visit, Amory Lovins and Jonas Anund Vogel, director of KTH Live-In Lab, discussed buildings an...
  • Jonas Anund Vogel
    Photo: David Callahan. Jonas Anund Vogel held a presentation about KTH Live-In Lab in Washington D.C.
    Collaboration in focus when Jonas Anund Vogel visited Sweden House in Washington D.C
    25 May 2022
    Jonas Anund Vogel, director KTH Live-In Lab, recently participated in the event “The Swedish Model – a story of successful partnerships” and discussed collaboration between industry and academy.
  • A model showcasing the two parallel approaches of the project's service design process.
    The two parallel approaches of the project's service design process.
    New report: Service design for pro-environmental behaviour and resource efficiency at KTH Live-In La
    26 Apr 2022
    A recently published report discusses service design for pro-environmental behaviour and resource efficiency in smart homes. The report is based on a study where one of KTH Live-In Lab’s testbeds was ...
  • Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
    Meet Agnieszka, KTH Live-In Lab’s new co-director
    18 Feb 2022
    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson is a researcher in Building and Real Estate Economics and has a special interest in sustainability and property management. She is now excited to join the innovative environ...
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