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Untapped Energy-Saving Potential in Green and Smart Higher Educational Buildings

Testbed Akademiska Hus.
Testbed Akademiska Hus.
Published Dec 21, 2023

A study conducted by Katarina Bäcklund et al. explores the energy awareness ad energy-saving behaviours of occupants of a higher education smart building, a building that also acts as a testbed for the KTH live-in Lab platform.

The paper ”In Search for Untapped Energy-Saving Potential in Green and Smart Higher Educational Buildings—An Empirical Case Study Involving the Building Occupants” investigates the attitudes and behaviours of occupants of green and smart higher education buildings. The paper highlights the potential influence of occupants' perception of building operations on their behavior. The analysis of 300 responses to a survey revealed that occupants exhibit energy awareness and consciousness of energy-saving behaviors.

The study specifically examines Digital Room Panels (DRPs), an important feature for thermal comfort, finding that 70% of occupants were unaware of their operation, attributed to communication and user-friendliness issues. The paper emphasizes the importance of effective interaction with building systems for realizing energy-saving opportunities and offers valuable recommendations for future research in this domain.

Read the paper here: