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Annual reports

Read more in our annual reports about what has happened within KTH Live-In Lab in terms of research, education, projects, staff, partnerships and collaboration.


Collaboration is the way forward to solve the multidisciplinary challenges the built environment is facing and during 2022 we have actively worked with the development of routines, models, and processes, as well as new websites, and shared these with other competence centres both within and outside of KTH, nationally as well as internationally. Read more about our projects, courses and collaborations in the annual report for 2022.

KTH Live-In Lab Annual Report 2022 (pdf 3.7 MB)


2021 was a year of collaboration and progess for KTH Live In Lab, including new projects, many outreach activities. Bengt Dahlgren became new centre partner.

KTH Live-In Lab Annual report 2021


During 2020 KTH Live-In Lab received 19 applications, was involved in 11 courses, and a handful of master’s thesis projects. This year KTH Live-In Lab further developed the Data-pool and strengthened the team with Co-Director Davide Rolando, a database expert.

KTH Live-In Lab Annual report 2020


In 2019 KTH Live-In Lab finally transformed from a set of separate projects into a fully operational research centre with four active centre members: KTH, Einar Mattsson, Akademiska Hus and Schndeider Electric. The number of project launches and staff members also doubled this year.

KTH Live-In Lab_Annual Report 2019 .pdf (pdf 6.0 MB)

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