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We offer working space, space for your necessary installations as well as infrastructure and the context needed to conduct research & tests in a real-life setting. Through tests projects / commissioned research we can together verify and optimize technologies and methods in actual working conditions.

The testbeds are used for research and for verifying products, services and processes that are close to market but in need of a context or area of application. Research and development projects tied to KTH Live-In Lab will be available to judge the direct value/utility of the product, service or process and see interactions with other solutions when placed into a building system composed of several interacting solutions.

The tests will generally be performed on an annual basis, but with the possibility of shorter or longer testperiods. The "active" apartments will be vacated and reconstructed or reconfigured, depending on the solutions to be implemented, during the summer months. The products, methods or services that are to be evaluated will therefore affect the layout and configuration of the apartments. Every autumn, transdisciplinary innovation courses will run where the configuration from the last session is evaluated. Every spring, suggestions as to new projects for the coming testperiod will be taken in and students, researchers, governmental agencies and industry representatives will be put into contact for creating the next configuration of the building.

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