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Fees and funding for R&D

KTH Live In Lab offers a unique opportunity for co-financing between academia, business and community.

We have a large network of interested companies and organizations where a number are willing to go in as financiers in various research and development projects.

By working with KTH Live-In Lab, companies can double the value of corporate R&D. This is done by applying for funding for R&D together with KTH (and possibly more companies / institutions) and use internal costs (time, material, etc.) as co-financing. Companies acquire knowledge without having to hire external competence. KTH can assist in coordinating the initial application process or support external applicants to the extent necessary. There are also synergies between different projects.

We encourage everyone to submit an application so we can begin finding partners, financing opportunities and start planning in order to be able to install the products, sensors or other technical equipment required to enable testing and research related to your project.

Cost for projects in KTH Live-In Lab

KTH Live-In Lab has an annual cost for infrastructure and personnel to be covered. KTH Live-In Lab should not make a profit, which means that all projects implemented in KTH Live-In Lab shall contribute to cover the annual costs. The basic principle is,

  • Students and small research projects don´t pay anything.
  • Courses pay for the hours/resources used.
  • In the case of large projects, KTH Live-In Lab is happy to assist in writing the application, and an expense item such as infrastructure or personnel.
  • Industrial projects pays between 50 00 - 300 000 SEK/year to KTH Live-In Lab, in addition to the project specific costs för installation/remodeling etc. The annual fee is determined based on the resources required by the project, from only data to major remodeling and it shall cover the time that KTH Live-In Lab puts down on managing the project.
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Last changed: Oct 08, 2020