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Labtrino - initial trials of the smart water meter system at Live-In Lab

Published Aug 29, 2018

Labtrino is a KTH-Innovation startup that develops an intelligent water meter system for homes and hotels with a vision to increase efficiency in global water consumption.

The water meter system Trinometer™ utilizes ultrasound and machine learning technologies in order to make our users more aware than ever before of their consumption, without having to invest in expensive installations and/or hardware.

Water crises are one of humanity's biggest challenges in the coming years, and the EU estimates that water savings in residential homes can exceed those from any other action we can take as consumers. That is why we believe it is critical to give our users control over their home water consumption.

With a simple snap-on design and ability to give you automated and detailed insights into your own consumption, we are able to create awareness for all stakeholders, and in the process, reduce water consumption, save real estate owners energy and money, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

At Live in Lab, initial trials of the smart water meter system will be conducted in order to verify that the technology works just as well in a real environment as it does in our current laboratory environment. Effects on consumption behavior of users will also be registered, in order to ensure that increased insight leads to the desired outcome, a consumption effictivization and reduction.

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Last changed: Aug 29, 2018