Living in Live-In Lab - Nicole Heinemann

Publicerad 2018-09-24

Hej! My name is Nicole Heinemann and I am a 25 year old student at KTH. I am very excited to have the opportunity this year, to live in the KTH Live-in Lab together with three other students interested in research.

Being involved in testing new technologies and young start-ups is the main reason, why I enjoy living here. Not just testing new products, but also being able to give feedback to the inventors and having impact on their improvements, is what makes it so much fun for me. As an Interior Architect and for my current Master studies in Architectural Lighting Design, living in this place is one of the greatest opportunities for me. Not only do I get to experience firsthand, what other architects and engineers are developing for the Live-in Lab, but I also get to be part of the testing and improving of interior and living solutions. I am certain, this process will also help me for my own future projects, to think more from a user’s perspective and less from the architect’s point of view.

Normally, when renting a student apartment you have to accept the conditions of the place, even though not everything might be perfect. But living in one of the innovation units on campus makes it possible for the four of us to be involved in the improvement of student´s living conditions. For example, it is really interesting to get to know about our own usage of electricity and water and have the data collected for future research projects. But the best about living here is being part of this great environment of like-minded people, who are all working with housing related technologies and products. I am looking forward to try new solutions and help improving them through our feedback, together with the Live-In Lab team.

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