Life at the Live-In Lab: My expectations as one of the first-ever residents

Publicerad 2018-05-31

Hej everyone! My name is Natalia and I will be one of the four people living at KTH’s Live-In Lab. Having lived in over 12 accommodations, in three continents throughout my life, I have gotten some experience in how small details make a living space better than another.

As a scientist and researcher, seeing real-life applications of what I learn in class makes me glow. I take pride in the solutions fellow students and researchers come up with in order to improve our daily life. While I am not an inventor myself, I try to do my little bit to help out, and I find that the most fun way to do this is by giving their products a try. Whether it is a beta version of an app, a new game, or rating a service online; I think honest feedback at an early stage can make a product go from a good idea, to a life changing invention.

  The Live-In Lab will give me an opportunity to do just that, except it will be that much more fun. I will become part of a community working towards a common goal, where everyone will be able to do their part. Us four, as the first ever residents of the Live-In Lab will be able to give constant and long-term feedback on the products will make progress for them go a lot faster. At the Live-In Lab, our daily life will become the ultimate test for these products, and our ideas will come directly from our experience with each product. This means that every feature we talk about, or change about them, will be completely based on their real-life use.

  Moreover, I am also excited to live with three other like-minded individuals. Being part of a project that will make our daily experiences so similar will bring us close together. I am excited to get to know them, to talk about the projects with them, and to live in community. Throughout my life, I have found that a fail-proof way to make a friend is to work towards a common objective, and I think this Live-In Lab will provide the perfect space for that. Hopefully the four of us will be of help to the researchers, and our presence at their lab will make their products much more successful. We will know what they are working on and why, and we will have a direct impact on the final product.

  As for me personally, I am excited to share my ideas, meet new people and live at a place that I can adapt to my needs. I am eager to try all the new things and try to understand why the work or don’t work for me and how they could be better. I am motivated to see how changes in my environment will affect my routine, and to share my experience with others.

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