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Conference "The Real Impact Factor – Methods for accelerating Innovation through Living Labs"

Publicerad 2019-12-02

Last month KTH Live-In Lab held a Conference/Workshop to explore methods for accelerating innovation through the use of Living Labs.

The Conference included presentations about diferent projects performed in or as Living Labs and some thoughts of why these projects succeeded, lead to impact, or not. The presentations were followed by interesting discussions,for instance the barrier that exhists between academia and the industry.

The agenda also included two workshops held by Lars Marmgren, where the participants where divided in groups in order to discuss two fundamental questions about Living Labs concept :

1. What common factors seem to influence the use of results from Living Labs in a positive way?

2. What can we from Living labs do differently to create more impact?

The living Labs experts that hold presentations:

  • Jonas Anund Vogel - Director KTH Live-In Lab
  • Leendert Verhoef - AMS Institute
  • Emma Sarin - HSB Living Lab
  • Ellen van Beuren - TU Delft