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Real-time user feedback: monitoring campaign in student apartments

A user-friendly web-app that can be used in real-time to provide a feedback about perceived indoor comfort.

Project description

We have created a user-friendly web-app; people in a building can use it in real-time to provide a feedback about their perceived indoor comfort. This feedback helps buildings operators to improve the wellbeing of the building users. The web-app is currently being used by the students living in the four apartments in the Live-In Lab Testbed KTH. The students use the web-app to respond when they think it is too cold, too warm, too noisy or to let us know some other aspects about their indoor comfort.

This research is linked to a project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (link); the purpose is to evaluate the relation of users – indoor comfort – sensors – control systems and energy efficiency and to ultimately provide more comfortable and sustainable living spaces.


This project scales up the pilot test study in the Live-In Lab Testbed KTH to test the web-app on the Akademiska Hus student apartments at KTH, Draconis. People living in the apartments will be free to use the mobile app and provide real-time feedback about perceived indoor comfort. We also envision to organize informative workshops to discuss people response and improvements of the app (We will use zoom as a meeting platform until further notice).

A non-intrusive sensor module will be installed in the participants’ apartment, monitoring temperature, relative humidity and air quality, and optionally energy use. All data will be anonymous and only used for the purpose of the research project. Any participant can at any time with no reason decide to leave the study.