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Webinar | Prop tech and Sustainable Building in the Nordics

The event was held by AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, the internationalisation and innovation agency of the Austrian economy, they present Austrian companies abroad, arrange business contacts, advise from initiation to the processing of business, help to solve problems and bring global trends to you.

About the Webinar

" The signs are aimed at sustainability and a race is developing internationally for solutions that will also lead the construction industry into a sustainable and green future. Which trends are setting the tone in the Nordics?

Which new technologies are already being implemented successfully? What do the experts say? Get the answers by watching this webinar

Foreign companies and technologies also play an important role in achieving the ambitious goals of the Nordic countries in the area of ​​sustainability.

The digital view of the progressive north is rounded off with the testimonial of an Austrian proptech company about their experience with market entry and doing business in the Nordics. Let yourself be inspired!" by AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA

Webinar video