New project for optimization of living space and smart housing solutions

Lotta Sjödin, projektledare Ikano Bostad (NyTeknik, 2016).
Published Feb 20, 2019

Urbanization is a global trend and, in order for more people to gain access to urban environments, new, smart housing solutions are required where living spaces and resources are used efficiently. Ikano Bostad is now launching a project with innovation grants from Vinnova, which will drive the development of space-efficient housing.

The project with FlexRum and FlexFörvaring (FlexRoom and FlexStorage) is based on technical solutions and aims to create flexible surfaces in the home as well as smart, easily accessible and surface-efficient storage with the use of removable walls. The project aims to achieve a production adaptation, cost reduction of the product and to simplify the possibility of carrying out service and maintenance on it.

"Globally, there are actors who have created unique solutions, but no one drives the development on a broader front, with a price tag that is affordable for a wider range of people. The need for an extra room increases among people, but often they don't have the opportunity to pay for this." Ikano Bostad writes in their project application. Part of the reduction of the cost of the product is to find functional solutions that require fewer components and less material. This also contributes to the product making less imprints on the environment. The cost reduction will enable the product to be purchased from a broader market where the requirement for financial resources is not as high.

Estimated time for the project is six months and participants are:

Lotta Sjödin, Ikano (Project manager), Joans Anund Vogel, Director KTH Live-In Lab, Arash Golshenas, Supplier SMF, OIM / Lito, Krister Falk, Mapping of flex walls, RISE, Charlie Gullström, Architect KTH, Nanette Weisdal, Expert on product development IKEA .

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Last changed: Feb 20, 2019