New project granted: Cost and energy efficient Building Control Systems

Published Feb 12, 2019

The use of building control systems is becoming an increasingly important technology for making energy use more efficient. The Swedish Energy Agency's (Energimyndigheten) support for the new project relates to the development of applicable systems for optimizing buildings in operation.

The project aims to quantity the inefficient energy use caused by common errors and deficiencies in building systems. The purpose of this project is as well to provide guidelines for cost- and energy-efficient design and implementation of intelligent monitoring and control systems for buildings.

The concepts of Intelligent Building Control Systems and Building Automation are fast expanding and there is a growing need for utilisation of the information and measurement technology available, for developing solid systems for energy efficiency. This new project commencing at KTH Live-In Lab, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, will drive the development of control systems forward to achieve energy-efficient buildings at a faster pace. 

Partners in this project are: KTH Energiteknik, Botrygg, Akademiska Hus and Tovenco and the total financial support amounts to 6.6 mn SEK. 

Belongs to: KTH Live-In Lab
Last changed: Feb 12, 2019