KTH Live-In Lab is nominated to Bopriset 2018

Josef Frank
Published Nov 05, 2018

It is with great honor and gratitude that we received the message that KTH Live-In Lab has been nominated for Bopriset reward - in memory of Josef Frank.

Bopriset rewards a qualitative and attractive housing building for everyone, a building or venture that creates life and activity between houses and neighborhoods / areas as well as examples of a locally-based and innovative residential policy, local partnerships and housing projects for an inclusive society.

Josef Frank was an Austrian-Swedish architect and designer and today he is seen as one of functionalism's pioneers and one of Sweden's foremost designers. He emphasized quality before quantity in housing construction and he saw a good living for everyone as crucial to a social, economic and even politically sustainable society.

The jury of Bopriset consists of Christer Larsson, City Planning Director, Malmö, Moa Andersson, Operations Manager, Boinstitutet, Li Pamp, Program Leader and Journalist, Viktoria Walldin, Anthropologist, White Architectural Office, Erik Stenberg, Associate Professor at KTH, as well as an expert on the Million Program and Peter Majanen, founder of strategy and analysis company Quattroporte. The winner is selected on 6th of December and the prize is awarded in Stockholm by Boinstitutet, supported by Svenst Tenn.

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