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Bengt Dahlgren is KTH Live-In Lab’s new centre partner

Bengt Dahlgren's logotype.
Photo: Bengt Dahlgren.
Published Jan 19, 2022

The technology consulting company Bengt Dahlgren wants to contribute to a more sustainable and innovative construction sector and is now joining KTH Live-In Lab as a centre partner. The engagement will run from 2022 to 2024 and is carried out in collaboration with KTH, Einar Mattson, Akademiska Hus and Schneider Electric. The goal of the initiative is to accelerate the development of smart and sustainable buildings.

Over the past four years, KTH Live-In Lab has carried out around 45 major research projects worth more than 120 million SEK. Projects have been conducted in all areas that affect smart and sustainable buildings; from cyber security and building automation to behaviour and virus management. To enable research and innovation, KTH Live-In Lab has several test beds, a database, and a platform for collaboration between industry and academia. This has proven to be extremely important both for receiving research funding and to be able to carry out collaborative multidisciplinary studies.

Helping to develop Testbed X

Jonas Anund Vogel
Jonas Anund Vogel

Bengt Dahlgren is now joining KTH Live-In Lab as a centre partner and will contribute with knowledge about, among other things, digitalisation, and digital twins. A key activity and area where Bengt Dahlgren's competence as a technology consultant is of the utmost importance is the development of Testbed X - a virtual test bed made to enable research into the potential of digitalisation for the design, production, and management of smart and sustainable buildings.

– The digitalisation of the construction sector is one of the major challenges the industry is currently facing. A digital test bed increases the legitimacy and credibility of the research that is going on at KTH Live-In Lab and will enable the necessary development of tools for planning, production, and operation of smart and sustainable buildings. At the same time, the test bed will be a neutral platform where various universities and companies can test and develop the systems and services of the future for smart and sustainable buildings and cities, says Jonas Anund Vogel, director of KTH Live-In Lab.

Erik Bolander
Erik Bolander

Investing in research and development

For Bengt Dahlgren, this means that the company will invest in research and development at KTH Live-In Lab during a three-year period through consulting, services, technology and more.

– Research and development are an important part of Bengt Dahlgren's work and permeates our entire business. It therefore feels very exciting and important for us to expand the collaboration with KTH and contribute with our knowledge within KTH Live-In Lab, and thereby enable future systems and services for a sustainable society, says Erik Bolander, CEO of Bengt Dahlgren Stockholm AB.

Bengt Dahlgren is a privately owned technology consulting company in the public construction sector. They work with installation, fire and risk, construction and real estate and energy and the environment.

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