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Testbed AH

The web page for the Testbed AH Data infrastructure is currently under development

Systems overview Testbed AH

Sensors and measurements at Floor level

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • Pressure

  • Air Flow

Sensors and measurements at Room level

  • Temperature

  • Humidity 

  • Air Flow

  • CO2

Sensors and measurements at building level

  • Outdoor

    • Weather station, continuous measurement

      • Wind direction

      • Wind speed

      • Temperature

      • Relative humidity

      • Precipitation

      • Air pressure

      • Solar radiation

    •  Temperature

    • Air Pressure

    •  Air flow

  • Central supply

    • Electricity consumption

      • Momentary effect

      • Air conditioning

      • Building electricity

      • Accumulated building electricity

      • Users power usage- sockets

    • Air flow

    • Air temperature

    • Water usage


Ventilation system

Manufacturer: Fläktwoods, controlled by Lindinspect

Building management system

Manufacturer: Fidelix BMS through Nordomatic


Data is collected by AH. Data is transferred to KTH Live-in Lab through Nordomatics “Styrportal”.