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External Financing of Swedish Living Labs

The purpose of this study is to investigate if and how Swedish living labs should work with external financing when funding their everyday business and at the same time manage to ensure increased innovation and societal impact. In order to do this, the study investigates suitable market positions, possible value propositions and different sources of external funding that would suit Swedish living labs. This study has been carried out using an inductive research approach and the results have been based upon an extensive literature review as well as fourteen semi-structured interviews held with potential stakeholders to KTH Live-In Lab. 

Big data insights into energy and resource usage in the Live-In Lab apartments

This report aims to find ways of getting insights into energy and resource usage in a home with big data, based on the project Live-in Lab. Live-in Lab is a project that aims to increase the innovation pace in the building and construction sector when developing environmental technology. This is done by conducting implementation and research at the same time in a living lab that will be the home of about 300 students. The main objectives of this report is to find out what is possible to measure in the apartments that is related to energy, with what technologies and how the data can be analyzed to generate maximal insight and utility. The methodology used originates from the field of product realization.

Variable ventilation (SWE)

Många människor spenderar idag större delen av sitt liv inomhus. Det är vanligt att man både hemma och på jobbet vistas i utrymmen där klimatet inte styrs av väder och vind utan av ventilationssystem som är tänkta att skapa ett lämpligt inomhusklimat. Trots ventilationens centrala del av samhället hamnar ämnet dock ofta i skymundan, och i dagens läge är det ingen självklarhet att inomhusklimaten och dess luftkvalité är tillfredställande.

Av dem som bygger bostäderna och lokalerna förklaras detta ofta bero på kostnadsaspekter, men i grund och botten är det annat som ligger till grund för dagens situation. En bättre förklaring är att det finns viss problematik kring ventilationens planeringsskede, vilket innebär ett väldigt förenklat arbetssätt och att kostnad prioriteras framför funktion och kvalité. 

Living Labs around the world - A mapping of Living Labs in Sweden and the world

Innovation is a central element for solving the world’s challenges of today, whether it is in the industry, the academia or the society. The concept living labs provides opportunities to accelerate and improve the innovation of today. This report aims to map some of the living labs in the world with the goal to identify success factors for the living lab that will be opened at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, which is a ten year project. 

The study establishes three main factors for success in a living lab; cross-sectional work as a collaboration model, cooperation and common goals among the key actors and continuous financial support.

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