Earlier projects

The projects carried out in KTH Live-In Lab aim to match the challenges and needs of society and the construction industry with innovations and technology. Some results from previous projects are now becoming a part of real-life construction projects.

Occupant pro-environmental choice and behaviour

May 19, 2019

The project examines the factors that influence the residents' pro-environmental decisions and behaviors, including whether the building's properties make any difference for these decisions.

Allergen-free Indoor Environments Through Innovative Ventilation Strategies

May 19, 2019

A project initiated by Karolinska Institutet intended to test how airborne allergen from furred animals can be minimized in indoor environments. Results from experimental environment are applied in KTH Live In Lab where pets are introduced into the testbed.

LIL – Multiple testbeds

Jan 09, 2020

The four available testbeds are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to be able to incorporate almost any product or service imaginable, and together with other solutions make one integrated real-life trial system.

Exterior KTH Live-In Lab

Ethical and legal aspects of "smart houses"

The project has focused on how the benefits of new technology and digitization can be balanced against the individual's integrity. The goal has been to show how the work with GDPR can be made as simple as possible in connection with construction of smart houses.

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