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Building ventilation post Corona

KTH Live-In Lab will during 2021 host a set of sessions with the aim of bringing industry and academia together around a challenge of mutual interest.

The last year has reveiled how extremely important building ventilation is. Minimizong the spread of corona virus in indoor environments is a great challenge, one that five researchers and two industry experts decided to tackle. On 28th of January, the first "Live-Session" at KTH Live-In Lab was held, dedicated to discuss problems related to the spread of virus, ventilation systems, user behaviour etc. This with the aim to start one or many collaborative research and development projects, and the overall goal to increase knowledge so that buildings can be designed in order to manage air-related issues. In short: to develop strategies and systems that will ensure risk-free use of indoor spaces also during pandemics such as the ongoing one.

Jonas Anund Vogel, director of KTH Live-in Lab and head of R&D at Bengt Dahlgren led the discussions and started with presenting KTH Live-In Lab. This was followed by presentations by Sasan Sadrizadeh from KTH, Jakob Löndahl, Aneta Wierzbicka och Birgitta Nordqvist from LTH, Jimmy and Tonny Åström from Tovenco and the last speaker was Tomas Engdahl från Bengt Dahlgren. 

Material from the event is now being structured, and the team that presented is identifying research questions and resources. Following partners has so far expressed interest in participating in future R&D: KTH, LTH, Chalmers, Bengt Dahlgren, Tovenco, Geberit, Avidicare.

Are you interested in being part or help fund R&D related to building ventilation and corona? If so, contactJonas Anund Vogel,, 087907446


Live-Session Movie Record

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Last changed: Feb 01, 2021