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KTH Live-In Lab is situated in the middle of KTH Campus at Malvinas Väg 14, KTH's highest point!

Property developer Einar Mattsson

Below you will find our contact information, should you want to reach us:

Per Lundqvist
Per Lundqvist
Research and Education Responsible 087907452
Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
Forskningskoordinator +46 8 790 80 19
Marco Molinari
Marco Molinari
Technical co-ordinator/teknisk koordinator 087907468

The board of KTH Live-In Lab:

  • Anne Håkansson, docent at department of software and computer science, KTH 
  • Peter Händel, professor at Electrical Engineering, KTH
  • Martin Fors, CEO at Einar Mattsson Property AB
  • Per Lundqvist, professor at Energy Technology, KTH
  • Tove Malmqvist, PhD in Sustainable Development and Environmental Sciences, KTH
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