The KTH Live-In Lab offers something as unique as a full-scale testbed, ranging from apartments, changeable interior design and infrastructure, database for user and property data, and a very valuable collaboration platform. In order to meet customer needs, KTH has test infrastructure and researchers. Individual offers are created within the scope of each project.

  1. Testbed -KTH Live-In Lab offers a full-scale test environment ranging from buildings and installations to housing and management organizations. Research and testing can be carried out in real buildings, which means that not only the product or service itself is evaluated, but also how each component contributes to the performance of the building as a whole. Results from projects conducted within the framework of KTH Live-In Lab are thus achieving an unprecedented quality level. The KTH Live-In Lab encompasses a 300 sqm building permit-free innovation environment with alterable student apartments (Testbed KTH), which enables studies on the future's resource-efficient and sustainable student housing. The KTH Live-In Lab also receives property and user data from 305 common student flats owned by Einar Mattsson (Testbed EM) and from the KTH campus education building owned by Akademiska Hus (Testbed AH). The platform of multiple testbeds also includes Hobo Hotel, which is owned by Nordic Choice Hotels (Testbed NCH). 
  2. Researchers / excellence - KTH is the Nordic region's leading technical university. By placing research and tests at KTH Live-In Lab, companies can gain excellence and opportunity for enterprise-based education. Researchers are at the forefront of development and due to KTH's diverse research areas and big network, they can uphold a unique insight into what is happening in areas that relate to the company / researcher's interest areas. Through collaboration within the KTH Live-In Lab, companies and researchers together with students can also work in courses or theses. The thesis work is excellent preliminary studies for projects in the KTH Live-In Lab. The thesis work in the KTH Live-In Lab should contain an appendix on how each technology and product can be developed in the KTH Live-In Lab.
  3. Financing - By working with KTH Live-In Lab, companies can double the value of corporate R&D. This is done by applying for funding for R&D together with KTH (and possibly more companies / institutions) and use internal costs (time, material, etc.) as co-financing. Companies acquire knowledge without having to hire external competence. KTH can assist in coordinating the initial application process or support external applicants to the extent necessary. There are also synergies between different projects.
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