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3D Virtual tour in our Testbeds

Take a virtual tour of our testbeds! Explore our premises, get inspired and learn about the research and development that is currently taking place in the Live-In Lab Testbeds.

Testbed KTH

Testbed KTH 3.0

We are happy to announce the 3D virtual tour of the third layout of Testbed KTH.

Testbed KTH 2.0

The second layout of the Testbed KTH in a 3D virtual tour, including the office, basement, recycling room, mail room, laundry room and the new layout of the Testbed KTH apartments.

Before taking the 3D tour, please read the following guidelines :

  • The video always starts in the basement and you can walk towards the office. To visit the other places, use the Highlights shortcut function (with a Play button) found in the lower left corner of the display. The Highlights shortcuts are generally the best way to move between places.
  • The video includes tags in the form of circles in various places. These tags contain links to ongoing project web pages, finished projects and general information. The project tags are positioned where the project itself takes place in the testbed and where data is collected.

Testbed KTH 1.0

The first layout of the Testbed KTH, it includes the office, basement and all the four single apartments.

About the virtual tours

Last year we visited SISAB and discussed the possibility of a collaboration related to building automation (BMS), AI, load shifting, peak shaving, etc. This resulted in an ongoing collaboration with KTH, SISAB and Myrspoven. Furthermore, we got very inspired by their information within their BMS-system; SISAB had filmed their premises using a 3D-scanner, making it possible to navigate in the different technical rooms, corridors and more. Following this we have now, in collaboration with SISAB, started the process of making our premises accessible for all through a virtual tour in order to give researchers, students, and industry partners the possibility to see what we are doing and perhaps also get inspired to start projects within KTH Live-In Lab.

Information about the 3D-scanning

This 3D-video tour was created by using a 360 panoramic infrared camera from Matteport. The camera is connected with an AI platform making it possible to transform the images in high resolution to a 3D virtual visualization of the space. Contact us or SISAB if you are interested in more details. 

For the moment it is only possible to visit Testbed KTH, but it will soon be possible to also visit the Testbed EM (Einar Mattsson) and Testbed AH (Akademiskahuset).

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Last changed: Nov 08, 2022