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Testbed KTH

Systems overview Testbed KTH

Simplified version of the data infrastructure

Sensors and measurements at apartment level


  • Living room

    • Air temperature

    • Temperature ceiling

    • Temperature floor

    • Temperature indoor wall 1

    • Temperature indoor wall 2

    • Temperature outdoor wall 1

    • Temperature outdoor wall 2

  • Kitchen:

    • Air temperature

  • Bathroom

    • Air temperature

Air quality

  • Living room

    • Relative humidity

    • CO2

    • VOC

  • Kitchen:

    • Relative humidity

    • CO2

  • Bathroom

    • Relative humidity

    • CO2

Light & occupancy

  • Living room

    • Occupancy

    • Luminous intensity

  • Kitchen:

    • Occupancy

    • Luminous intensity

  • Bathroom

    • Occupancy

    • Luminous intensity


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

  • Living room

  • External facade

Magnetic Sensor

  • Door

  • Windows

Cold water

  • total flow per apartment

Warm water

  • Only bathroom (water flow and temperature from tap and shower)


  • Electricity measured per fuse/group (stove/fridge/lights/sockets)

Sensors and measurements at building level

  • Corridor

    • Air temperature

    • CO2

    • Occupancy
    • Luminous intensity

    • Relative humidity

  • Office (Conference room)

    • Air temperature

    • CO2

  • Central supply (Basement)

    • Exhaust air flow

    • Supply air flow

    • Supply air pressure

    • Exhaust air pressure

    • Supply air temperature

    • Exhaust air temperature

    • Temperature after heat recovery

    • Temperature heating coil

    • Total cold water

    • Total hot water

    • Total electricity

sensors location

Sensors location in the apartments

Systems (Under development)

Ventilation system “FTX System” (Fläkt woods) – eQ Prime

Ventilation type: controlled ventilation

Size: Klass 005 : Length 1400 mm, width 1050 mm, high 1102 mm

Capacity: Nominal air flow 0, 4 m3 / sec

Ground Source Heat pump (Thermia)

Type: Thermia Diplomat Inverter, Diplomat Inverter M

Size: Length 596 mm, width 690 mm, high 1845 ±10 mm,

Water capacity: 185 L

Power range: between 3 and 12 kW heat power

Water breaker (Gustavsberg)

Type: Vatette Vattenfelsbrytare

Electric capacity: 220v for 24v dc adapter plumbing

Dimensions: 136 x 110 mmPressure sensor: 0-10 bar

Pressure class: PN10 Motorized ball valve with manual override

Max working temperature: 60 ° C

Connected Taps (FM Mattsson)

Type: Tronic WMS (Water Management System)

More information here: FM Mattsson Tronic WMS

USB-C (Ochno) currently under installation

Ochno Power Conferencer

Type: 4 x USB Type-C

Capacity: Up to 100W power supply and IoT connection.

Charging capacity: 5-20VDC, up to 5A per socket.

Led Plate

Information: Controlled by a sensor. The sensor gathers information on movement, temperature and air quality.

Wall socket with USB-c socket

Type: OCHNO Socket

 Charging capacity: 5-20V, 5A (Max 100W)

BMS System (Schneider)

Type: EBO 3.0 & SecurityExpert : EcoStruxureTM Building


  • KNX
  • Dali
  • Modbus
  • Mbus
  • BACnet
  • AS

More information at Schneider blog webpage: Protocols guide


Type: Resi9 med Wiser Energy

More information at Wiser webpage: Smart-home Wiser

Data (Under development)

Data is collected from the testbeds to a centrally placed server (Microsoft SQL)

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Last changed: Nov 26, 2021